KS Pick: The Lonely Men by Louis L’Amour

One of my favorite books. It starts out with a brutal and vicious close quarter fight with Apache warriors and only gets better from there. There are scenes through out that are breath takingly cinematic in execution. And it is  absolutely dripping with wonderful cowboy poetry:

“We were hard and lonely men who rode a hard and lonely way. We had known nothing of each other until this ride began in Yuma, and even now we knew scarcely more. But we had sweated and thirsted together, we had hungered and fought, and eaten trail dust together; so now we rode as brothers ride.”

That is just one example of the myriad of rich passages through out this awesome book.

The story follows Tell Sackett who is asked by his sister-in-law to go deep into Apache territory in Mexico in order to retrieve her kidnapped son. The problem is that there is no kidnapped boy. It’s a revenge plot to get back at her ex-husband, Tell’s brother, because she blames him and all the Sacketts for the death of her father. It’s a simple western adventure plot filled with wonderful details and stoic men of action.¬†I constantly refer back to it for inspiration when writing. It strikes the kind of tone that I would love to come close to capturing with my own story.

If you’re looking for some good old fashioned western yarns then you can’t go wrong with a Louis L’Amour book. And The Lonely Men is one of his best.