One of the key tools/weapons used by Tyrel Helm in The Prevailist is his bullwhip. Ever since I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark in 1981 I have been fascinated with the bullwhip. Much later in life I was fortunate enough to become friends with David Morgan who made the whips for Indiana Jones and I soon began learning how to make my own. I am constantly frustrated with how bullwhips are used in movies. It’s obvious that film makers have no idea what a whip can actually do and so they relegate it to wrapping and swinging. I hope to change that perception in The Prevailist.

A few years back a friend of mine hired me to build him a replica of the Raiders bullwhip which has very specific details. During the construction process I photographed and documented (not all) but some of the key steps in how a high quality bullwhip is built. I’ve presented these photo below. Click any image for a closer look.

All photos by Kyle Shold and permission to use them is not granted.